Elixir RDA

I have been thinking about posting more information about healthy hearts, and what happens? The BBC beat me to it. Which is helpful for me on those days when I want to cut down on my RDA of wordage without causing detriment to my communication levels.

This is an interesting article. In summary, statins not only lower cholesterol, but also delay the aging process in blood vessels which advanced heart disease patients suffer from.

I was talking to dad about publishing some useful recipes on here for post-heart attack eating, but it seems he never cooks the same thing exactly the same twice. He does have some advice about a few things, such as spray-on cooking oil and sensible amounts of the right kinds of fat to eat and where to find them, but these things tend to leak out of my brain when I am not thinking about them. Perhaps I will have to write them down. Or perhaps dad will have to start his own blog.

I’m out of words for now and seem to have used up my


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