By Popular Demand

Normally I feel that writing about my own experiences, or observations on life, the news and child development (my own limited understanding of) are pushing the limits of what this blog is about. This blog was set up to act as a touch-typing board for the events and emotions and some news following my dad’s heart attack nearly two years ago. However, as I have said elsewhere, dad’s news is not my news and I do not want to publish every detail of his life today without his permission. So I hope that he starts his own blog in time – he is an excellent communicator and has written things in the past, much of which I haven’t read. (I tried reading parts of his doctoral thesis a couple of years ago, but only to serve my own purposes and to laugh at the names he’d changed.) 

So what is the purpose of this blog now? Well, in some ways I want to vent some of my own creativity in this direction, so I am open to suggestion and to passing on ideas which come my way. I am ready to write by popular demand. Let’s see where it leads. Do you want me to write about quail eggs? The Paralympics? Monopoly and how my husband always tries to win, while I just try to have a nice game?

The first thing which needs to be said is that Lily and I went to London Town a few weekends ago. When we were there (with Lily’s daddy) we saw Lily’s cousin and his mummy and daddy (mummy’s brother), mummy’s sister and her landlady (mummy’s cousin), mummy’s other cousin (her sister) and her other cousin (also mummy’s cousin). This was not in any way confusing at the time. While we were in London Town we did not see any Olympic handover parties, although some of us saw James Morrison practising outside a certain Buckingham Palace. The Palace were ever so good and didn’t complain about noisy neighbours and ASBOs; even when we didn’t go down with Alice. We couldn’t find her. More importantly, while we (the cousins) were in London Town, we visited the Aquarium and waved at a number of fish and tried to take photographs of the kind of jellyfish which kept changing colour. We found the Aquarium to be mostly underground and mostly underwater, but we kept dry, thanks to the wonders of glass. Lily went on her first underground train, thanks to the wonders of Victorian foresight. Unfortunately, she also had a cold, which she no doubt spread around London Town, thanks to the wonders of sneezing.

A wonderful time was had by all.


4 responses to “By Popular Demand

  1. Thank you for giving in to Cousin Peer Pressure and putting pen to paper with regards to our wonderful London meet-up! That (coupled with the photos on Facebook) should make it into memoirs that we give to our grandchildren one day…..!


  2. In actual fact it was not the wonders of glass but of plastic that kept us dry. London Aquarium does not use glass as it magnifies the fish. Just thought I’d mention it…

    Other than that great blog xxx

  3. Popular requests? I’d like to hear about your experiences of teaching, insofar as you can do that without intruding on others’ experiences of learning. I’m doing teacher training at the mo, and would love to hear from someone ‘on the field’. And correspondingly, if I can blog anything that will help your teaching (like the vanity and aspirations of recent developments in British theology), let me know.

  4. I still learn more than I teach. My daughter is quite a good teacher, in actual fact. She has taught me a lot about child development, sin (original and plagiarised), time management and What Really Matters.
    I am not on the field that much. Especially as PE is just not me. I wonder if Jesus was good at sport? Have you any thoughts on that?
    Will try and blog about teaching and learning when I can… I have some planning and cooking to multitask : )

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