Foregone conclusion

Dad has an uncanny knack of knowing where it is all heading sometimes. Once, when I was little, he predicted that I would become a lecturer one day.

This morning I had an interview and was offered a job as a lecturer at my local FE college. Or at least, the Sixth Form Academy part of it. It is only for one evening a week. And it is teaching people who have opted to be there. But it gets me back into teaching and it will build my confidence again. I got really excited preparing the paperwork yesterday. I knew it was almost certainly a job offer, as they had head-hunted me and already taken a reference, but I wanted to do the thing properly. As usual, dad came up with advice and ideas, and this time I felt it just confirmed a lot of the things I had already been thinking. Maybe I am destined to educate. I do love doing it.

I always thought FE lecturers were a bit geeky and wore necklaces or elbow patches (or both). I feel that in honour of my new status I should change my name to Willow, buy some Peruvian woolenwear and start a blog.


Maybe I’ll just go out and buy some more necklaces and get the boy a birthday present.


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