Shortest Dental appointment ever

Lily spent all of 20 seconds (in a generous estimate) having her teeth examined this morning. The dentist confidently predicts that she will indeed cut some teeth soon (I feel this is not new information) and will begin with her lower incisors. This was worth paying taxes for: I will hold him to it. The upper incisors are not ready to come through. So she will be more of a barracuda than a tortoise. Too bad.

Making the most of my tax pounds I learnt that fruit is good but fruit juice is bad. I also learnt that neither Phil nor Ted was going to get through the sliding door into the dentist’s room, so Lily had to balance on my abdomen and watch shiny, sparkly and round things without lunging while I had my consultation. She did very well and gave me plenty to focus on. It was like being an intelligent surf board. We have been told to return in 6 months, when I am no longer free on the NHS. I may take the old fold up pram or Another Adult for company. We were done in less than 5 minutes flat. No wonder this dentist is accepting new patients.


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