What I Haven’t Been Paying For…

… and should therefore stop enjoying/using forthwith:

1) schooling (my own, I guess);

2) libraries, and free books recently given to my child from a well-meaning part of the .gov (I’d better write my own then);

3) my three bins being emptied (blue, brown and black: don’t get me started on the bin confusion that my parents’ ‘unremarkable little estate’ have endured these past fortnights);

4) my shores being defended (something I was not even particularly aware of, but am certainly very grateful for);

5) my streets being cleaned.

I have also been in receipt of Child Benefit. And a lump sum toward a Child Trust Fund. Technically, these are Lily’s interests, in all fairness. The numbers on the previous post are drawn from the internet and my salary is calculated roughly based on my ‘official’ hourly rate of £19.98 over 30 hours a week, but only counts for 40 weeks of the year. At least I get days off. Please take a moment and sign the petition here for maids in Singapore to get the day off a month!


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