On Not Being Paid

Here are some of the things I have not been paid for recently. I list them only to serve as an example of what Being a Woman can mean in the world today.

I have not been paid for:

Childcare for almost 6480 hours (unqualified) at a conservative £5 per hour = £32,400.

Domestic duties of approximately 3 hours per day at £6 per hour = £126 per week.

Taxi fares at £1.40 per mile = approximately £100 per week.

Research and development at £385 per week.

Writing at £0 per week (to be expected).

Returning to teaching (full time) briefly at approximately £600 per week.

Obviously these are all before tax, NI contributions, pension schemes, added years. Only one of these has given me grief today. In the big scheme of things I have realised it is not worth letting it get on top of me. Also dad happened to come in very handy when it came to Advice. I love it when dad is the expert. It makes everything all right.


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