Getting the Buggy to Behave

My exciting new, shiny toy arrived today. I am the proud owner of a Phil and/or Ted’s buggy. On the box it says ‘Baby Not Included’ with a logo. This excites me. They must have people like me in New Zealand too! Or maybe it is Christmas in NZ right now.

My husband (who was still at home when the package arrived, thinking that wine was going to be delivered before 10 am) helped me set the buggy up. I have looked at the destructions and decided to go ahead and use it even though I’m pretty sure I’ve got it wrong. The rain cover appears to fit. There are some left-over pieces. I don’t like having left-overs, especially if they cannot be reheated. I am waiting for a certain baby to wake up so we can go into town and buy some dinner.

Yesterday dad took Lily out in the ‘Down This Week to Number Two’ pram, quite possibly for the last time. It does his heart good to have a walk while I practice my Greek. He and Lily saw some ducks, but didn’t think to bring any home for tea.

I have food on the brain. Must get some exercise. Where is that baby..?


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