Why you never need buy toys ever again

Go here.

If you have children between 8 months and Generation X, you will find that they will at some stage play with Lego. If you are clever you can contrive that this is all that they will ever need to play with. A convincing parent is a happy parent.

If they buy this, remember that Lego can get expensive as the years roll on and the pieces roll under your feet, elbows and sofas. But this downloading tool is free and, in an age when hands-on play is so yesterday and tedious, can be used to create, clone, explode and reassemble all the Lego toys you could ever wish for. And, if you still want to spend money, you can opt to buy the pieces you have just designed your fantasy island with and have them delivered to you. But you won’t want to. Real pieces need putting away at the end.

Why am I saying this?

On the second day of this year’s Lego Challenge more and more of the lads are getting excited about virtual building from this free software. We spent a lot of money last year on kits, robots and Technic pieces. No wonder there are more avatars with personality traits than kids with CVs at 18. And how many fantasy worlds exist in multiple virtual dimensions, while finding a decent builder takes so long in the Real World?

I don’t think my little girl would get quite the same pleasure from clapping virtual Duplo bricks together as she does sitting in the toy room and spreading out in a clicticak clicliclic lop on a sunny afternoon.  Besides, virtual Lego can’t taste as nice.


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