Walking the baby

One thing my dad has done a lot of since having a heart attack is walking. The kind of brisk walking which raises your heart rate. Taking the kind of walks (and I believe I’ve written this before) where dogs out walking their owners stare at humans on their own in confusion.

While out walking this week, my father spotted a couple with two prams. Knowing this is a subject close to my heart he mentioned to me that one pram is not always sufficient for a family’s needs. The couple had with them a baby and two dogs. Two Terrier-sized dogs. Quite possibly Yorkshire Terriers. One pram had the baby in it and the other pram had the two dogs in.

I forgot to ask him if it was a Phil & Teds. However, I am concerned that the two dogs in question may have been confused about dad walking around without a pram, a baby or a dog. Not to mention how confused the baby is going to be when it grows up and has to walk these dogs and begins to notice other dogs staring.

I wonder if you can get a pram which a dog can pull, like a horse and cart? You could train them to take the baby to the shops/nursery/park and post some letters while they were out.  Well, there goes another gap in the market I feel wholly reluctant to fill.


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