Challenging Driving

Today my mum and I completed the Ladies Driving Challenge at RAF Bentwaters. On Monday on Top Gear a nutter broke the world record for the first and furthest reverse jump over cars at Bentwaters. We were much more ladylike, driving such vehicles as 4x4s over big dirt hills, articulated lorries, diggers, a gritter and so forth. We did not reverse jump over anything. We have asked people to sponsor us online here, and are close to our target, but not quite there. This is the second sponsored event I have participated in this month, and is quite enough to be going on with. It was far scarier than the first event, but equally satisfying.

I was concerned to discover, on my return home, that the good scientists of NASA are interested in importing asparagus from Mars. By my reckoning, the poor vegetables will be wilted, out of date and have a carbon footprint the size of Manchester. I think we need to get a TV chef on the case. What’s Delia doing these days?



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