Things to do when you are 60

A chap with no school to run any more has decided to use his free bus pass to travel to Land’s End and John O’Groats.  Great idea. I would have seen where else you could get, however, as these places do not strike me as the most interesting in the British Isles.

I wonder what he does about school children misbehaving on the routes he takes? Perhaps he deliberately timed it to coincide with the staggered Easter holidays around the country.

We sa w a horse box the other day with details of an event held at High Easter and couldn’t decide between ourselves whether this was an Orthodox or a Catholic date which we had never heard of, presumably for use in years when Easter is so early.

We were wrong. As dad pointed out to me, High Easter is in Essex. Apparently it is still March in parts of Cambridgeshire. Sometimes it occurs to me that I really do not belong in East Anglia. I should get a bus pass. 30 years to go – better start planning my route.


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