Second Aid

Since dad’s heart attack I have been quietly concerned about health in general. I do not believe in giving up chocolate for Lent, but often observe dad’s tradition of no pancakes after Shrove Tuesday. It’s fair. I am also doing a lot more exercise than I ever believed I could, but not in a lycra or gym-pass kind of way. Babies in slings are much happier and stranger-friendly than carrying extra weight by other methods.

So the local NCT group are holding a couple of sessions on baby first aid and emergency life support. Sounds like a good idea. I have run out of stamps and envelopes so I meant to apply later today. At £25 a time it meant that I wouldn’t be able to go to as many local courses on other baby-enhancing activities, but it was a sacrifice I was prepared to make. I don’t really need the biscuits.

Today I discovered three free sessions of baby first aid running in my area. Maybe I should do those instead. Then maybe we should apply to do Baby Astronomy with all the other little stars, even though it is way past Lily’s bedtime. (She has no other free time left on her social calendar.)

And in any case, I am signing up for the Race with a Baby in a Sling for Life very soon. Just need to collect more data from the girls in my NCT ante-natal group before we can apply.


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