I have Calpol and I’m not afraid to use it

If you are reading this Lily, your mummy is quite surprised. You are behaving so much better today, thank you. Too bad we’re not in public. That nasty cold must have gone away again. It’s a shame about the nappy smell, but we’ll deal with that imminently.

I don’t think the biometric detailing on your new passport measures smell (yet). Let’s leave that to the animals. 

Maybe we should get a cat… I would like to personally thank Charlie for his services at mum and dad’s (see today’s BBC article about health).

But I know even less about bringing up a cat than I do about bringing up a baby. And I’m pretty sure they don’t have passports in the UK (yet).

What’s that? Yawning while mummy types with one hand? Litter tray time.


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