Odd socks work half the time

Odd socks do work – if you are a physiotherapist. If you are a baby it makes your mum look incompetent or foolish.

But if you are a baby with two socks on at this moment I applaud you.

And if you are a baby with two socks on and you are reading this I think your mum should stop lying.

I got a nice letter through the post today from my headmaster, which was rather quick considering I only resigned yesterday. Nice to feel the school cares. I noticed that the letterhead had changed. That was quick too.

Here are some other true observations I made today.

1. At the post office, waiting for Lily’s passport to be ‘check-and-send’ed and a parcel for Germany to be just weighed, I saw DVDs for learning foreign languages. Not a surprise: mum pointed them out to me the other week. One is for learning English. Every word on it, including complicated blurb and instructions for how to get the DVD were in English. I think you had to swear allegiance to the Beckhams and Gladiators and soggy chips in triplicate with valid ID before you were allowed to buy it.

2. Looking for a new buggy (or stroller, as I have to call it at Mothercare), I have found ones that suit from age 0 to age 5, and are guaranteed for 12 months. I do not intend to have children of the accelerated variety, so we may just have to take the chance on the remaining years.

3. Lily has something snuffly and is grizzling a lot and losing sleep, so I bought her a baby vaporub, which smells of a comfortable night’s sleep and says on the side that it must not be used if the baby is allergic to any of the ingredients or is under 3 months old. Neither must the parents use it if any of the above applies to them. Thankfully I too am over 3 months old. That was a close one.


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