Another thing that happened today

was that I handed in my notice. We had to wait for some answers to technical questions and be certain that it was best to resign now, but it gives the school the longest possible time to try and find a maths teacher for September. Five and a half months – I hope it gives them long enough. (It’s longer than Lily has been alive).

I am filling in an application for a job as a home tutor for the local education area, so we will wait and see what comes.

There is a weird technicality about whether I can keep some of my maternity pay (the occupational maternity part). I would need to work 30 more days after the date I am due to leave, for the same employer. This is possible, but unlikely. I am hoping to do a day a week. The work has to be continuous and tutors work on a casual basis. I could miss a session through lack of work on the 29th week and lose quite a lot of money.

But I definitely am not staying at the school, even though I would have loved to. They genuinely cannot offer me a day a week.

And maybe it is time for new things.

I also filled in a new CRB form today to work in the church creche and sorted out Lily’s passport application. I am hoping to arrange her nursery application soon: there has been a lot of form-filling and finding of important documents at our house this week.


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