There are 10 types of people

Which you probably knew already: those who use Binary, and those who don’t. 

Here are some interesting types of folk I’ve encountered recently: 

 1. I sat next to an Italian mum today in ‘Baby Buddies’ and explained what the health visitor was talking about. Very exciting. I don’t think they have a word for ‘lap’ in Italian. (Shame). I think eleven-year-olds are allowed to actually sit on car seats in Italy. (Intriguing).

2. Like the rest of my ante-natal group, I’ve discovered that at this point in my life I am moulting ridiculous amounts of no-longer-pregnant hair. It looks like the day after Crufts at our house and I’m surprised I’m not bald.

3. Squealy McSqueal had a passport photo taken today, and thankfully we got a good result (after turning round and lunging forward ruined the first two). I am not holding out much hope of it being acceptable however, as I have no idea WHAT the Guild of Passport Blurb Writers think they are on about.


4. Viewing nurseries has proved to me that quality does indeed vary, as testified by expressions on faces and the rule of messiness being inversely proportional to happiness in toddlers. The best places weren’t the ones I expected, but I picked up good ideas for activities and child-friendly furniture from most.

5. Most places that do weekday lunches do not do their fifteen-minute ‘meal or money back’ offers if there are 14 persons present and 7 of them are under 5 months old, but the staff are more smiley than usual and happier to bring drinks to the tables.

6. My mentee and I agreed that the more likely a young person is to have real issues, the quieter they are about them. And vice versa.

7. Blind boys find babies fascinating too.

8. When new people join your church it is interesting to see if you are related, even though you were born in completely different places. And then to see if you are related to the minister. In my case this actually happened last weekend.

9. Health visitors recommend baby products which are good for their skin (15 times thinner than adults’, apparently), but have no problem with them going swimming in chlorine-filled pools with a hint of water and coming out blotchy and red.

10. However much you smile, there are always some people who do not smile back. But most do.


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