If you were given an extra day…

what would you do?

Our days are so short on earth. Why not treat today as if it had been given to you as a bonus gift? Celebrate living. Treasure the details. Don’t worry or complain. Observe. Listen. Love. Find ways of enjoying what is regular and laugh at cheap sentimental blogs.

So, I am doing a bit of admin. I just came across the council Register of Electors letters. You have to contact them to tell them that nothing has changed in your voting status and jury eligibility. Oops. I think this letter has been propping up the inbox for some weeks. So I try registering BY INTERNET as advised, and discover that I cannot. I try calling the FREEPHONE number and get a friendly eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepclick. The click is the noise I make hanging up, but it is integral to the experience.

On the back of the letter I find a tiny telephone number and call it, full of apology for having a baby and not doing my paperwork yet. I discover that the letter was sent in September and that I already registered by internet and forgot to record it. So I apologise for pregnancy brain and forgettery (see May 3rd). Gulpclick.

I wonder what other paperwork I inadvertently did months ago and forgot about?

I wonder whether you have to do jury service if, like astronaut Jack R. Lousma, you were born on 29th February 1936 and are turning 72 today (or is it 18?). Then again, I doubt Lousma would be eligible to vote in Ipswich, being all American.

Yesterday I joined a Baby Buddies post-natal group where we were asked to give our children’s ages, names and reasons for names. I loved it! We had respellings of mother-in-law’s first names, foreign names, respellings of biblical names so they don’t sound too arky, made up names (deliberately difficult to spell and already regretted) and a little boy whose dad got to name him after a member of Pink Floyd if he was a boy. The mum had a girl’s name she liked, and it wasn’t David. She warned us not to enter into these kinds of contracts. It is good to know that the group babies will be exposed to much cultural stimulation, including language and music.

However, admin is not going to get discovered that it has already been done if I sit around one-handedly typing like this all morning. Must get on. Only 24 hours in a day.


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