Mustard sandwiches with ham

Lily covered another 660 miles, this time in three days. It’s about time she learnt to drive, to relieve her exhausted mum and dad.

Some things that happened over the past 660 miles – all firsts for our little girl:

First grace in Hungarian;

First NCP car park;

First drinks party;

First time a man has offered (unsuccessfully) to feed her;

First hotel;

First meeting with maternal great-grandparents and great-great-uncle;

First four star hotel with free upgrade to family room with sea view;

First fire alarm while feeding (complete with two other babies, staff with radios, woman in towel, poodle and amused guests).

Nobody ever publishes books entitled “My Second Book” – is the market missing something? Life isn’t all about firsts. I think Lily has been through 26 counties now. She slept through several. Perhaps future visits will prove more interesting to her than the first.


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