Pivotal moments

Lily is hoping to roll over soon. Her determination is usually hampered by sleeping bag shape, toys or having an arm in the way. She can roll if she starts from sitting on a bed, but that doesn’t count.

For the first time I see real frustration in her when she fails.

I want to tell her that it will happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when. This is precisely what dad has been advising me on plans I have to change course in my life and do some exciting project which benefits others and uses more of the skills and qualifications I have.

And, as my sister pointed out to me yesterday, even dad took his time after the heart attack to assess his means and change from paid employment to focusing on healthy living and doing things for others. We were frustrated when he took his time to decide, but it has worked out well.

Dad is the kind of person who looks at the scrabble letters he’s been given and things happen in his head. They are always worth waiting for. It’s a matter of When.

My uncle won the quiz in the last posting by noticing the biblical pattern and contacting me first. However, it took dad to spot that Ethan was the only Old Testament name. He was also keen to work out how many football stadia would make interesting first names. I came up with Den and Reebok. He suggested Vicarage and Whiteheart. I found a useful page or two for future reference.

The baby has woken and wants to do some rock and rolling.


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