A Rudyard by any other name

I’ve been reading Kipling’s Just So stories. They are very good. Very, very good. I recommend them strongly to all who appreciate a good story.

It got me thinking. You don’t get many Rudyards in the school yard these days. There may be a dearth of Adolfs for good reason, but what’s wrong with Rudy?

We spent a few minutes laughing about naming a child Isambard when we were expecting, but who calls their offspring after the original IKB today, even if there are strong engineering links?

My great-grandfather was born in 1877 and was called Coleridge. He cannot have been the only one with this first name.

There are those who think it is original to be original, but I would protest. New names are lacking originality in the noughties, compared to 150 years ago.

It is enough to make one feel exceedingly cross.


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