Fruitcake news

A fruitcake is a dense, interesting and arguably healthy cake. When life gets fruitcake-packed and interesting there is nothing more I can do but relay some of the nuggets of what has been happening. Enjoy with a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

Lily smiled for the health visitor today and we both agreed it was a social smile. She is having a bit of a growth spurt. On Saturday we went on a train for the first time, up to Norwich. It was a successful visit and involved cousin Asher grinning a lot and finding a place to eat where Liverpool were winning. On Sunday we went to the church where we were married and took Lily to meet old friends. We also met a new friend from Russia called Anastasia. She told us that her shortened name is Nastia. It is not true. She is Nicer as far as I am concerned. My dad’s shortened name is Androushka. When those present realised this rhymes with a certain Russian word for granny, Anastasia told us that grandads in Russia can be called Dedushka (дедушка), which may be less insulting. Lily is soon to visit a number of relatives, which means we are planning how much we really need to pack. As the car is having its MOT today the baby seat is in the front room. The on-line shopping order arrived early and I put Lily in the seat. Her nappy did not perform as well as hoped, and I have since learnt how to take the covers off the seat to wash them. It was not as quick a job as I might have hoped, but I feel it is better to learn now than in the dark on a motorway somewhere. The on-line order was largely delivered correctly, but they gave me £0.07 of carrot, for no logical reason. It looked like Rudolph had been at it, and it was drying out fast. I can’t believe Sainsbury’s thought I ordered so little carrot. Even if we are about to go away. In my post-pregnancy state I have yet to decide what to do with it. Yesterday I managed to get my hair cut, as mum took Lily round town for a few minutes. This was at the hairdressers who asked a month or two back whether I had had the baby yet. Unfortunately no one asked this time.


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