Naming our daughter

grey-feet.jpg    postbox.jpg

It’s a GIRL..!

(I was sure it was a boy, but am absolutely delighted and love her to bits).

We have named her Elizabeth Juliet. Affectionately, she’ll be known as Lily. Ok, not the ordinary shortening, but it works for us and gives options for initials so that they don’t match mine. I like the fact that Elizabeth’s initials feature on postboxes and that the Queen also signs her name Elizabeth R. I like the sounds and the colours of the letters in my head. I like the flowers. Water lilies included.

lily-bw.jpg    elizabeth-r.jpg

There are multiple spellings, but we have chosen the regular ones. There are lots of options for nicknames, which gives her options for the future. There is a bit of sensible and a bit of cool in there, so it should appeal to lots of people, rather than being the kind of name people make instant judgements about. It is long, but it can be shortened, including for school work.

Lily is crying, so I have to de-blog. More soon.


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