My dad the Pirate

I like to think of dad as something of a smuggler. Today he crossed the English Channel. Right now he is in France. Travelling with him are two old veneered wooden cases. Hardly scratched. Inside are mechanical sewing machines. They will be passed on to contacts in Normandy, and from there will journey to Burkina Faso.

There is a good reason for all this, but my memory preferred the romantic idea of dad acting as a secret agent or pirate.

I’m all for recycling. I just wonder what Burkina Faso are sending back to us? Stories, I hope!

My friend Steve and his new wife Charlie are soon to return to the country themselves, and he has just had a third book published. An adventure novel, called ‘The Yellowcake Conspiracy‘. I am not an eleven-year old boy, but I do love a good story and Steve has a gift for writing. My copy arrived in the post this week.


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