Counting Magpies

I do believe the rest of the world are slowly becoming just like us. We are now just numbers in the crowd. Or are we, perhaps, becoming more like everyone else?

At the tip yesterday we had to weave through the 2:30 crowds to empty another car-load of cardboard and polystyrene. Why didn’t we think to go when England were playing football? The roads are always lovely and quiet then. Silly us. I bet they don’t make these mistakes in Estonia.

Then we ordered a takeaway while we did evening DIY, unaware that England were playing rugby. Longer waiting times, malheureusement. Not good if your stomach is protesting about the floor tiling and you could have ordered earlier. Oops. Two-nil to the ‘could have seen that coming’ party.

Today we went to a Nearly New Sale. To be fair, we have discovered that most of the world are also expecting children, so we expected crowds. We arrived 25 minutes early to a queue which snaked around the school. When we got in we found that they weren’t offering cots, which is what we had gone for. And most of the items were Nearly Old. I realised that I prefer wooden toys (and Lego and Fischer Price) to second-hand plastic things that make noises. Quite a large proportion of the items for sale were plastic, and make noises. Some things were quite large, but not as large as cots. Some things in front of us in the long queue to check out were large, but this probably helped the queue move faster. The queue was large, and made noises, rather like standing in an orchestra of infants. I felt quite small.

We also realised that it may have been useful to find out whether Peanut is a boy or a girl, so we could have bought more clothes. Newborns don’t need many clothes. I’ve been counting magpies, but the results are inconclusive.


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