Happy Birthday Dad, Prince of Aragon

Hope you have a lovely birthday, dad. No longer threescore, but I’m not altering the blog!

Ok, I left it a day late. But that’s pretty good for me at the moment. I have decided Peanut has hijacked my brain. I bought a junior 2x2x2 Rubik’s cube to increase my mental powers. It has served to remind me that solutions can be bought and that I do not have much patience. Maybe I should have bought a 1x1x1 cube. Does such a thing exist?

My sister has just arrived [pause while I find pencils, discuss elephants in custard, sharpen pencils], in order to help decorate the baby’s room. Very exciting. Commisioned work specially for our little one!

A lot is happening at the moment. Not much of it is blogged, which is a shame. The builders have left, but there are several weeks to go before we can move in to the new kitchen space. We realised that preparing for the baby was a higher priority, inevitably slowing things in the kitchen. The plumber let us down so we did much of that with the help of my husband’s father. The worktop is slightly too shallow for the units, so we have to solve that as well. At least we have running water and a dishwasher working! I’m hoping that the washing machine will work soon too…

We have been attending ante-natal classes, with all sorts of topics and information being learnt and forgotten again. The others in the group are lovely and we seem to laugh a lot. I discovered that I may have a pelvic problem, so am in contact with the hospital about seeing a maternity physiotherapist. It is a pain in the backside, but at least our local hospital has the right kind of care.

At the weekend we met up with friends of mine from university, for some general fun in London. I particularly enjoyed spending one evening at the Globe theatre with my husband, seeing ‘The Merchant of Venice’, just after our fourth wedding anniversary.

My dad had told me that the special thing about this play is that it is the only production he has ever officially acted in. He asked me to look out for the part he had played. I was so involved in the show that I hardly remembered to look, but it was too hard to guess. He told me when I spoke to him yesterday that he had been the Prince of Aragon. The character chooses the wrong casket (silver) when seeking Portia’s hand. The inscription on that casket reads “who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves”.

Well, I hope dad got as much as he deserved for his birthday. I felt silly just buying him the cycle bell he asked for, so I got him a joke book as well. Just don’t try doing both at the same time, or you’ll get exactly what you deserve!


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