Gaviscon season

One benefit of having a squashed stomach in pregnancy is the need to eat smaller, more frequent meals. At sensible times. I feel much more in touch with my body. Even though I need a ridiculous number of pillows in bed and have to stop to breathe properly every once in a while. I do like eating.

I am also keeping an eye out for things that make me laugh little and often. These things are like Gaviscon for the soul. For example, my class wrote some lovely things in their coursework on data. I just marked the following sentences (sic):

  • “People with brown hair have much more evenly spread eyes”
  • “The limitations to my work is that there might be rouge data”
  • And, by a blonde girl: “Hypothesis: Blonde haired people have a lower IQ. I think this because some people say that people with blonde hair are less intelligancet than brunettes”.

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