Family reunited and other animals

I haven’t blogged for a few days as I haven’t had access to my computer, despite forgetting to switch it off on Friday. This proves, among other things, that:

a) the electricity didn’t get switched off,

b) the builders didn’t take advantage and use the computer,

c) my carbon footprint has gone up a shoe size.

We went to various places, including IKEA twice (to give them a chance to find a part they thought they had) and managed a complete circuit of the M25 over the time, which is not such a memorable achievement when we realised that today my sister completed her circuit of the world. She did this by arriving at Heathrow intact, tanned and remarkably slender, to be greeted by mum and dad (as planned) and my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, husband and me (as a surprise). Mum and dad had come from home, my brother and family had driven from Switzerland and we had driven from seeing family in Oxfordshire and Devon. A convergence of genes.

It turned out we had all grown.

In Devon the boy and I called on my maternal grandparents and great-uncle (Gogo), who were pleased to see us and welcomed us with much tasty food and many interesting stories which I couldn’t remember if I had heard before; a very successful visit. We even showed them a little more about how to use their new computer.

My grandpa made me think a bit – when going to the zoo, do you go to tick every box and try and visit every animal, or do you make a point of seeing something you really want to see, enjoy that and not worry at all if you don’t get to do everything else?

I have been trying to tick boxes all my life. Now I’m starting to think I need to redress that balance.


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