Well, well, well…


So the back of the house currently looks something of a wreck, but in an encouraging way. The builders first put up a beam to hold up the upstairs, and next step will be to build piers to support it. I’m pregnant, so I’m not questioning the logic of that.

They dug holes to put foundations in and got a structural engineer in to take a look. They kept apologising for this. I am not concerned at all. Mildy reassured, yes.

The structural engineer noticed what I had spotted the moment I saw the first hole. It looks like a well. And in fact it is. Or was. I did not have a Jeremiah moment. These things happen, and I was half expecting it, as a former colleague along the road encountered a well on his property. So the structural engineer paid a few more visits and decided we need to address this, before we start losing heffalumps and other vital pieces of Peanut’s bedroom-to-be down there. He will calculate the reinforcements needed and the builders will be filling time until they get the chance to build that pier. Thankfully, there are things to fill with the time. Like a gaping hole where an outside toilet used to be and where wall, roof and floor ought to go. One of the other holes (there are three) shows a deep wall in the ground, and the archeological part of me wants to know why. I have subdivided the building industry into people I would like to know better and people I don’t need to, in my own little way. Those who also speculate about the deep wall and the well are in the first group and include electricians and people with degrees.

I am SO shallow.


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