Midnight Mosquitoes

Settling down to sleep last night I heard that ‘mmm-hmm’ which signalled the start of a manic killing spree. Never let it be said that I like harming living things, but the smug hum of a mosquito in my bedroom is one of the few holiday sounds which concern me. And not being on holiday only adds to the intrigue. The wet and hot weather recently must have meant a number hatched in local ponds. I am keeping windows closed today and praying for rain or snow to kill this generation off before they breed.

You always have to know where in the room they are. And to be fair, in our room they were easy to find. At first we thought we heard one, but we killed about seven or eight once we’d checked most of upstairs. I had nightmares afterwards, but that is not unusual at this point in the pregnancy. Mostly about planes.

Mosquitoes were not the only sound that confused me yesterday; out shopping for nine items yesterday at my brother’s Tesco’s, the fire alarm went off and we all had to go outside. It didn’t sound anything like a fire alarm, to be fair. We all left our shopping dutifully, joked, waited, and were told to go in twice. They got it wrong as only the staff could go back in initially (I’m still not sure why). I didn’t hang around for too long. However, I was heartened that people were particularly honest about not stealing. The fire crew arrived as I left the car park.

Sorting out and moving things around the house is going well, so today I am planning a sermon for Sunday and then going to my midwife for my 28-week check. We are not sure whether I need to have my anti-D injection again already today, so we have to ring the hospital to find out. I am going to tell her that Peanut has days of extreme kicking activity to see whether this is normal.


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