Where am I?

In thinking a lot recently about my developing pregnant shape, I have been pondering where the baby is.

The baby seems to be taking up space inside me (substantial) and outside me (minimal).

Which makes me wonder: where have all the bits inside me gone? Have they shrunk? Squeezed up together? Gone AWOL? I am aware of a smaller stomach (at larger meals) and breathlessness occasionally, but really haven’t felt that much of my insides is ever missing. Despite the fact that I feel kicks over a large internal area.

Today I discovered something new in a book my sister-in-law lent me. I have an abdominal cavity. Please don’t be alarmed. So do you. This is normal and the fact that I am taller than average means that mine is large.

So, why was I not slimmer sooner? Apparently my stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, urinary bladder, small intestine and large intestine reside there. So does Peanut, for the coming 100 days or so. Nature likes to fill a vacuum. Prime real estate in my body obviously doesn’t hang around long enough to shoot to a size zero. It seems Biology is more forgiving and complex than Logic.


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