End of school

I am sad.

It is the end of term, and I miss school already. I have no energy, admittedly, but I will not be back for quite a while as maternity leave will begin as the new term starts. My tutor group were so keen to leave and so noisy that I felt quite mad with them for not being more thoughtful and reflective at this key point in our journey through high school. I was there when they first visited three years ago and have seen them through all sorts of issues and ups and downs. They are a lovely, caring lot. But they are also 13 years old and incredibly self-absorbed.

I know I should feel happy and excited about summer and some time off and having a baby. Maybe that will kick in later. I’m too sentimental and hormonal now and it was pouring with rain as I left.

On a positive note, a girl in my form who it has been hard to help this year was grateful that I went with her to find her Xplore card which had been thrown into a neighbour’s garden on the way in to school. Her dad has started coming to my church and I want her to understand forgiveness and grace, even though we had to talk about some behavioural things before I was able to help her. I feel that at least I have left things on a good note with her as the school year ends, and maybe she will come and see us and the baby at church when it is born in November.


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