Dressing up

At 8:00 this morning I discovered the boy searching the internet for how to tie a cravat. In the space of one minute I learnt three important facts:

1) The word ‘cravat’ comes from ‘Croatian’, which as we all know is hrvatski in the original;

2) There is no official way to tie it;

3) When I am stressed out, it is better to tell me that you are going to Henley Regatta for the day with work, than to imagine withholding this information might help.

I asked “don’t we have a book called 85 ways to tie a tie ?”

He said he didn’t know where it was, but was fairly sure cravats weren’t in there.

True. I mentioned it to a colleague in the maths department, who asked “don’t you have a book called 85 ways to tie a tie ?”

I said yes, but I wasn’t sure cravats were in there.

“Ah yes,” she said, “it only includes ties”. A kindred mind.


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