Yn dysgu a yn addysgu

I have a cousin getting married in Wales today, so ddedwydd briodas ddiwrnod to the happy couple and please don’t expect me to learn Welsh any time soon. I just don’t see the need in Ipswich.

Polish, maybe. My brother and his wife are already on the case. And I am considering other languages for when our baby is born, so I can meet with and talk to members of the international communities in our area. Fantastyczny.

So. Teaching and Learning. Or is it Learning and Teaching? Turns out the words are almost the same in Welsh anyway, I discovered on a training day this week. There begins an educational thesis. I learn at least as much at school as I teach these days. Is good learning self-taught? (That reminds me: I must get back to practising the saxophone). Do learners learn better when they help their peers? Does the government realise this? Does it matter?

I have three weeks of teaching, learning and playing lego before the school term endeth. I intend to learn as much as possible in that time. The pregnancy has taught me that most foods are almost orange in colour and therefore desirable. It has also taught me what it would feel like to have a large elastic band permanently around my middle. It has taught my husband to accommodate my fast-changing moods and needs, which has helped me to learn to trust more and has humbled me a lot.

All this before junior even makes an appearance. I feel I will be learning a lot more than I will be teaching in that arena too, somehow. At least in the early days.


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