How do you get your priorities right?

I desperately need to, as I am trying to juggle too much and I’ve run out of hands. It is only going to get more difficult as the pregnancy develops and we begin building work, prepare for a baby and try and fit in all the things we meant to this summer.

And there are still 5 weeks of school to go. The final week I am running a Lego Activities Challenge. I have been sponsored £650 by local companies, but still need to buy the Lego and book the press and make sure it all runs smoothly.

Before then there are all sorts of end of school year pressures and things to finish. Including a class of GCSE coursework, which is stalled while I am signed off.

Perhaps I am not only doing too much, but trying to do it all thoroughly. A dangerous trait. I don’t even know who I’m trying to impress. Maybe it is an underlying self-dissatisfaction that I must always do better. I will never reach those summits, and it is about time I learnt to accept mediocrity and not being the best at things. Even things I am passionate about.

It all works so well in theory.

Sometimes it takes most of your lifetime to realise in practice for yourself what life has been shouting and pleading for you to notice. So for now my priorities are to:

trust God more,

get better,

look out for my husband,

look after Peanut in my own way,

look out for others as and when I can.


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