Circles of health

Dad went to the doctor and had a check up this week, and was told he won’t need to go back again for another three months. He is making great progress and has completed one course of pills entirely. They hadn’t asked him to fast to prepare for the latest cholesterol check, but it was only slightly above the previous one, which is a relief. Technically, he is not obese but could do with losing some more weight, so there is still the incentive to keep up the healthy lifestyle.

Mum has come out in a rash which may or may not be due to eating strawberries. It turns out you can get too much of a good thing – even if you picked several kilos yourself! I have to be careful not to visit her, even on her birthday, as the doctor had thought it was a virus and warned her to stay away from older people. I assumed this also meant pregnant people.

It’s a shame, as she is due to visit her uncle and parents at the weekend for a special 80th birthday, but she may still be able to go, even if she travels a day later.

I am not in great health, however. I had a panic attack at school and have been signed off for a week. Too many things coincided at school, all of which had added to my stress levels, meaning that I could not cope in a meeting and would not be able to teach. My husband looked after me very well and took the day off to sort out a good doctor for me and speak to the midwife. She saw me today and has referred me for counselling and a pregnancy massage. I am feeling emotionally strained and physically weakened, but much happier for a chance to recover before I go back. There are reports to write and lessons to plan, but the department are rallying round me and I feel looked after. I even read a verse in the Bible which helped me see the behavioural issues at school in perspective:

“Those who are wayward in spirit will gain understanding;
       those who complain will accept instruction.”

(Isaiah 29.24)

There is a lot on at the moment, but there is also a lot of good happening, and the children at school are learning, whether or not I feel I am at my best professionally.

I am pleased that dad is doing so well at the moment; even though my mind is not all it should be, he is able to speak truth and tell me what I need to hear. Thank God for families.


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