Low altitude cruising

For Christmas I got a wonderful present – the promise of a flying lesson.

This has been put off indefinitely, along with ski-ing, rock-climbing, scuba diving, bungee-jumping and other exciting things which have hyphens if they might sound particularly fun.

So I am cruising around with cargo hold slightly apparent (we’re talking more spitfire than B52-G) and navigator AWOL, wondering if I’ve taken off or am supposed to be coming in to land. I feel I could do with some kind of flight record, before I lose my bearings completely.

Or it might be the joys of returning to school today in all its action-packed, ‘miss my tooth just came out’ and ‘don’t expect me to ever come to your lessons again, miss’ and ‘why is there a stain on the carpet?’ glory. That last question was given by the Head, who teaches in my room. The stain (a cleaning mistake) was made months ago. Months ago I remembered the story.

I think today I blamed it on the hoover in the cleaning cupboard leaning against a dripping tap, but I can’t remember if I did or if that was right. I did remember to give the cleaners warning that he had noticed however!

I had a dream that I was in today’s maths exam and that it was all going horribly wrong and I had 5 minutes left. Then the head of department reminded me that I was a teacher, not a pupil, which was a great relief. I don’t recall great reliefs in dreams before. It has kept me going all day.


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