Is anyone else…

… this tired?

2007 has been great so far, but I am sure I slept through a lot of it. Life was much more adrenalin-gear-change driven back in October, but now I take a day at a time and try not to hurtle through it all. Even so, there are more jobs than hours. I am less worried about disappointing others these days too. However, there are a lot of others. It’s not all going to happen overnight. (Especially if I sleep on it.)

A friend of mine has discovered her mum is seriously ill. Somehow it is harder to relate when it is not your immediate family, but I want to help and not disappoint her. So I will do what I can and pray that I have the integrity and capacity to be the friend she needs me to be. Having said that, we were glad of any and all sympathy when dad was in hospital. She’s hardly going to analyse me and judge me based on how effective or helpful my friendship is. Rather than platitudes I think she may just want to be listened to or remembered.


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