A weekend in

black-swan.JPGTwo weeks ago the boy and I visited some of my family in Kent, where we had a rocking good time eating and drinking whatever our hearts desired, cholesterol-rich or otherwise. Such a thing is good for the soul, methinks. We also paid a visit to a certain castle, where I bought two useful things – a kite and a jigsaw.

kite.JPGOne week ago the kite was tested out. The boy and I (with 12 or so friends) did the ‘is it 30? is it 40?’ drive up the A140 to Sheringham in North Norfolk and on the Saturday walked most of the way from Cley to Blakeney Point. The walk was fresh, invigorating and a lot of fun. Again, food was not a problem; we had large appetites and large portions. It was good to get back home and call in on mum and dad and report back. They gave us our fourth meal on Sunday and allowed me to wash my hair, as our boiler had broken.

This weekend I decided to do the jigsaw and not to help fix the boiler. It was a good decision. The jigsaw pieces had all been cut in strange shapes, to make it difficult yet interesting. I managed to complete it before heading to the library and a pet shop to contemplate the value of getting a fish tank to put in our newly-decorated toy room.


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