Lesson one…

… I was observed today by an inspector. We did show-me boards, Q&A, humour, targetting the ASD boy’s behaviour, objectives, peer assessment, paired and group-work with ideas from the Standards Unit all before she left, and the kids were well-behaved, responsive, eager and laughed at the right points. Wow. That’s an answer to prayer. After she left we used the interactive whiteboard, assessed our objectives and I got a question wrong in front of the class (always good for a laugh, but I was glad she’d gone…).

But I don’t know how I did and I’m hoping it was Good. If not, hopefully she’ll tell me tomorrow – she was in a meeting today when I wanted to ask. I just have to find some time tomorrow to do that. Or – I have to believe in the fact that I had a Good Lesson as far as I was concerned and Did My Job. They could in theory observe me tomorrow, so I am finishing off my super-preparations now.

 The weekend was fantastic, and I have decided it may be necessary to hold some kind of conference at Leeds Castle (which is not in Leeds), in order to indulge in the general ambience! I mean, where else do you get a Duckery with white peacocks? Great fun catching up with two of my cousins and my aunt and uncle as well. They have given us both a healthy dose of fun, freedom and perspective.


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