How to win at Monopoly – Theory 1

I won at Monopoly on Saturday!

The main reason I won was that my husband M didn’t. And the main reason for that was that the rest of us realised he might (he is a calculated type), and ganged up on him. I was just the least unlucky and didn’t get bankrupt.

Theory #1 of winning: try and get the second bunch of streets on each side, as some (especially the oranges) get landed on more often and can be more lucrative for rent. The reds were also very good on Saturday, as M got ‘Go back to Trafalgar Square’ one time’ and ‘Go back to Pall Mall’ which led to landing on the reds another time. He landed on them three times altogether. I think three times is normally enough time to bankrupt another player.

I am so happy.

We went to a party last night; a 1977 theme as a colleague had conveniently been born then. Concorde was there too. As was R2D2, Morph, half of ABBA and a bunch of hippies I work with (I was one of them).

So now I ought to be finishing the mock SAT marking off and planning how to introduce Newton’s Laws of Motion to sixth-formers, and M is painting downstairs.


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