Some anecdotes

I had a lovely trip dan ta Saafend to see a friend yesterday, where one shop assistant at the checkout in Dorafee Perkns was discussing a girl looking at the expensive boots loudly in front of me: “iss ok, I talked to her at a partay”. She redeemed her observations on the girl’s boyfriend “rolling in money” (“yeh, you got any petite hangers?”) when she realised we could hear and commented “but she’s really nice though”. So that was sorted.

On Friday a boy in my form group (13 years old) was questioned about his lack of pen for doing his lunchtime detention. “I don’t have my pencil case here: I lost my bag innit.” Then what, asked his geography teacher, in front of me, half my form group and this boy, was the bag slung around his neck?  “Oh, that’s my handbag”.

I couldn’t hold in a teacher 10% smile, but another boy saw me and asked why I was laughing.

I love people. The things they say and do. Particularly without realising how funny they sound. Dad and I have a private laugh about all sorts of things people do, and their quirky ways. I love anecdotes. If I read church material I look for the punctuation and spelling error’s, as I have a feeling that dad ha’s read and spotted them all already. It’s amazing what you can do with an apo’strophe ect if your out of practise.

No, seriously.

We called there for lunch today and had dad’s new version of roast potatoes (parboil, roast in soy sauce) and were marched around parts of the village which weren’t as muddy as they must have been yesterday. [He’s taking the brisket with these 30 minute jaunts.]

I think they are seriously considering him returning to work in February, with a 2 day stay away each fortnight and 2 further days working at home. Mum is adamant it isn’t a sacrifice for her to go too, especially as she wants to stay in the places and see things and read. The neighbours could look after Charlie. He wanted to sit on me today, but I was wearing Dorothy Perkins’ finest, so I told him no.

The neighbours called on mum and dad on new year’s day. Mum has had these street get-togethers every now and then since the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, and it seems to be a good way for them to get to know people they live near. Not sure what they ate!

Dad was given golf lessons for Christmas, and is awaiting the appointment this week to tell him how much walking/cycling/golf/driving he should be able to do. I would love for him to have a physical hobby like that, even if he didn’t do all 18 holes at first. My brother is into golf. You never know, it might turn out to be just the thing he needs.

So tomorrow at school I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for more interesting anecdotes on classroom life. People really are amazing.


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