Woolly jumpers

Dad was in top form last night when we had our pre-Christmas get together.  

We didn’t cross any kangaroos with sheep, despite musical crackers with tuned whistles which mum insisted we play (my brother was the best conductor).

My sister, in New Zealand, was present by the power of video and GMTV. A lovely surprise. I had spoken to her the day before about it and agreed (i) she didn’t feel like going to the shooting and (ii) I didn’t feel like waking up in time, so she wouldn’t. Two hours before I got up she texted to tell me to record the message…

Thank goodness mum and dad had, or we would have had to wait for the website release. The clip is about 4/5 of the way through the messages.

Foodwise, we steered clear of giving (and eating) chocolate successfully. Dad made roast beef with gravy but no roast potatoes. Actually it was still remarkably tasty (even for an unremarkable little estate like Trimley, Mr. Huw Edwards). After we had mum’s new healthy crumble and custard.

We chatted a lot, got on well and everyone seemed very pleased with their presents. I certainly was, and will explain more later should the need arise.

Local murderers were ably ignored, despite driving past more police cars than is normally necessary for such occasions to and from Trimley.

Charlie felt a little left out and bit my brother, who didn’t bite back. Charlie is a cat.

So today involves putting up the tree and cards, wrapping more presents and packing and delivering a few local cards. I think we might be almost there with the shopping (!)


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