Cut the caffeine

I am no vegetarian, but I can understand the repulsion certain meats must bring, and cannot make myself eat, for example, veal or horse.

I cannot – equally – just alter my diet like mum and dad and cut out most saturated fats. But I have got a campaign on to cut down on caffeine.

Coffee is one of those things I just don’t want after several days without, and I have no desire to dose up on energy drinks. But the killer is chocolate. Chocolate, my friend. My comfort. My relief. The pleasure one gets as the bell for afternoon registration goes and I am able to fit in one little lunch-size bar. The keep-you-going raid of the prize mini Mars bars when my energy levels are dropping and the piles of work are growing. The third cookie of the bag (not too hard, not too chewy) on a Tuesday evening. I think it must be something of an obsession, and I am now concerned that my caffeine-reduction programme is failing.

I need some help not going over the top here.


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