Jump start

We found that local chicken, baked with vegetables, lemon and lime juice (and some herbs), with baked potatoes did the trick today. Except I knocked over a bottle of apple juice which made us all jump and dad went pale.

(How to make four hearts shudder).

 We also went to a local craft fair at a beautiful private school near us, where dad was able to have a small walk and I had his mince pie and mum wished we’d had our wedding reception there (even though we couldn’t; I forget why), and we met a Russian lady I helped to get into the UK five years ago.

Then we went for a cuppa at mum and dad’s, which is looking Christmassy, even without decorations (the darker evenings and dim lighting?) and the cat bit my husband and I talked on and on and dad wanted to change the subject and I realised I had gone on and I felt awful.

But we did laugh about literature and I told him a bit about History Boys and he told us all more than we already knew about the 100 years war and we discussed the Problem of Evil. And it was all well worth doing, and dad looked healthy again.


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