A day at a time

Shocking what difference each day this week has made.

Today went a lot more smoothly. Mum had shown me how to teach her sudoku yesterday and we got it right. This morning there was talk of Socratic methods of teaching and learning in classes, so I gave in and set my classes things to explore together from the work I had set them. I didn’t over-control the noise or get confrontational. I listened to them learning. Which was exciting, and it gave me more time to assess, do other jobs and feel good about my job.

The physical feelings I have been having have died down and I know dad is healing and improving.

So now my husband (M) and I have to think through our own plans. When to start a family. What job M should be doing, and where. Whether it is right to build or renovate our home. Home, not house. It should function as a comfort zone with space to grow, love, learn, live well. I am frightened that we will have to move away. My job is just right for me. My dad wants us around. My mum wants us around. I want us around! But M isn’t happy in his work, and is considering alternatives. He is allowing me to think outside the box for our home, and wants me to allow him to think outside the box when it comes to his work.

Maybe a weekend is what we need, thinking it over.


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