Looking forward

Was talking with dad this afternoon and he feels he has accomplished a lot (he has), and that if it is his time to go he wouldn’t feel any regrets. I would. I want him to live to play with grandchildren, travel more and enjoy retirement. I want him to give my sister away – even if that’s in NZ. So I told him and we had a good chat about the value of living, and making sure you live well. He got rather excited when mum brought him a box for putting pills in so you remember to take them at the right times; you can move the inner bits if you need to take more at breakfast. He’s in that phase where he’s going to tell people how old he is now. The same phase that expects to be asked how he is. Good thing I can still tell him how it all is and have meaningful chats. I think he wants to talk over all the new experiences with people his age who have been there before.



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